Intro to FlowJo v10.6 4/2/20

Karen Domenico
11 months agoApril 3, 2020
Thank you Christian!  So much information, I need to view it again.  Stay well!
Yinhua Yang
11 months agoApril 3, 2020
Thank you Christian for the nice Webinar! I have been using Flowjo for years. However some functions I still don't know how to use. Your Webinar allows me to explore them.
For removing overlaid histogram peaks, you just need to click the table and delete samples from table rows. I'll rewatch all your recorded Webinars and learn more. Thanks a lot!
11 months agoApril 13, 2020
How can I create several gates from an already gated population? For example, from my lymphocyte population I create a SSC-A vs CD4 plot.  I again, from the lymphocyte gate want to create a CD8 vs CD4 plot.  When I click to make this new plot, it automatically shows me the SSC-A vs CD4 again.  I want both plots.  How do I go about doing this?
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